Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charleston Bound

I hope all you stylish people had a wonderful weekend!
I've returned from a girls weekend in Charleston
with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and we had the most fun.
Of course, when does one NOT have fun in this sunny, beautiful city?
I'll share some images and memories with you from my trip
later this week, but for now, here's my ready-set-go ensemble.

Gap Fedora

Coach Leather Cross Body Bag

fibi & clo love knot sandals

Ray Ban Aviators, Gap 1969 Denim Jacket, H&M blue and white scarf, Coach bag, H&M Shorts, World Market Earrings, Tiffany Interlocking Circles Ring, Stella & Dot Renegade and Nugget Wrap Bracelet

Hat: Gap (old), here's a similar one, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators
Scarf: H&M, here's one, Jacket: Gap
Purse: Coach (old), 
If I were shopping for a small cross-body bag today, I'd get this one,
Belt: Land's End (old), love this one,
Shorts: H&M, here's a super cute red pair,
Sandals: fibi & clo
Earrings: World Market, here's a similar pair
Bracelets: Blue Stone is custom - made by a friend, 
Others: J. Crew Crystal Rope Bracelet-in select stores only,
mine is from South Park Mall in the Queen City.
SO excited about my newest addition: Stella & Dot Renegade,
Also, Stella & Dot Nugget Wrap Bracelet

Thursday, April 26, 2012

See You Next Week!

Just a quick hello, and wishing you a happy weekend!
I'm heading here with my mother-in-law and
sister-in-law to celebrate my mother-in-law's special birthday...

Downtown Historic Charleston SC

The Pink House Charleston SC

Cooper River Bridge Charleston SC

Downtown Charleston SC church

Charleston, SC horse and carriage

Yep.  The one and only Charleston, South Carolina.
Oh, the Carolinas.
Do they come any lovelier?
I hope you and yours have a splendid weekend!

See you next week! -Whitley

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Floral Flair

Saturday was 70's and sunny; a perfect lake day in the Queen City.
Sunday--low 50's, rainy and chilly.
Temps have slowly regained their warm and sunny disposition, 
and the glorious Spring weather of the South has prevailed once again.
Today I'm linking up to Marionberry Style for Marion's
trend of the month challenge, florals.
With my unequivocal love for color and all things bright and cheery,
I couldn't be more excited to participate.
Thanks, Marion, for the hospitality!
I welcome you with open arms to the Queen City anytime!

Andrew Gn blouse, Jewelmint earrings, Borne Natural Born Thriller Sunglasses, Vintage Belt, Urban Outfitters Shorts

The cross walk and fountain at Phillip's Place
came to mind as the perfect location for a bit of floral fun.

Fountain at Phillip's Place, Charlotte NC

Fountain at Phillip's Place, Charlotte NC

Nine West Pumps, Coach Cloach, Vintage Rings

Shirt: Andrew Gn, mine is from Capitol,
Evening Shorts: Urban Outfitters, this pair looks just the same,
Belt: Vintage-my Grandmother's
Shoes: Nine West
Rings: Turquoise: Vintage-my Grandmother's, Custom 
and Tiffany's Interlocking Circles Ring
Earrings: Jewelmint, last seen here,
Sunglasses: Mine are Blinde Natural Borne Thriller,
here is an awesome, slightly more affordable pair,
Clutch: Coach (old), here is a similar one.

For the love of stylin' with a sunny, floral flair... xo-Whitley

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Street Style At Its Finest

Yesterday was mid-70's and sunny in the Queen City.
Today; 50's and rainy.
It is the South, after all.
Not a trace of complaining, however, as the chilly temps 
presented the perfect opportunity to recreate a look 
I've been admiring for months, pinned to my inspiration board.
I present to you my vote for best all-around Street Style,
none other than the one and only Kate Moss.
Wearing Boy-cuffed Prada evening shorts, a Chanel fedora and YSL boots, 
Kate and her ensemble are:
Gorgeous.  Chic.  Effortless.  Perfection.

Kate Moss in Chanel Hat, Prada Shorts, YSL boots

Hitting you with my best shot.

Channeling Kate Moss-Street Style: Chanel Purse, Forever 21 Hat, Night Shorts, J. Crew Belt, Boots, Ray-Ban Aviators

Channeling Kate Moss Street Style: Chanel purse, Ray-Ban Aviators, J. Crew Blazer, Gap Evening Shorts, Forever 21 Fedora, Vintage jewelry, ames & jess necklace

Forever 21 Fedora, Vintage jewelry

Peacock Fedora: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators,
Blazer: J. Crew (old), here's one, Shirt: Gap (old), try this,
Purse: Chanel, mine is from Neiman Marcus
Evening Shorts: Gap (I've got to have these!)
Belt: J. Crew (old), just stumbled across this and love,
Ribbed Tights: try these, Boots (old), these are hot,
Earrings: World Market, I thought about getting these
Necklace: ames and jess
Bracelets: Vintage, J. Crew Rhinestone in select stores only-
mine is from South Park Mall, Stella & Dot Nugget Wrap Bracelet

For the love of channeling whose style you most admire.. xo.. Whitley

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glimpse of Summer

Happy Weekend Friends!
Not much to say today other than a quick hello!
I'm getting ready to head out for one of these.
Not a race, but just a run.  
I find there is no better way to start your weekend, 
or your day for that matter.
It feels so good to get the juices flowing.

It's looking to be low 70's and party sunny today. 
For those of you who don't already know, our family loves the lake.
Most wonderful man in the world skied on the water ski team in college.
One of our very first dates included him asking me if 
I'd like to go test drive a boat with him he was thinking of purchasing.
It was the dead of winter.  He strapped on his wet suit.
Spandex from head to toe (yikes),
and started hopping around, doing things like this.

And this.

That pretty much did it for me.
Then he got to giving me lessons. 
I'll never come remotely close to looking as good as he does, 
but I've had fun doing my best to impress him.

It's safe to say we all love the water.
Macy girl is usually leading the charge.
Get me there as fast as you can!

Toby and Lucy, my mother and father-in-law's dogs, howl at the water.

All the water dogs doing their best to exercise restraint.

Hank's second summer, and first time "skiing".

My third proudest moment as a parent, 
following the birth of my boys, 
was watching Hank do this last summer.

We'll see what summer 2012 holds for Hank and baby Worth.
Last summer, Worth spent his days on the boat just chillin'.

No matter what, the lake always promises a good time.

Blue skies, sunshine, wind blowing...
Sunnies on, hat backwards, cold bevy in hand.
Perhaps my favorite part about the lake is the calming affect.
You are forced to do nothing, but kick your feet up and relax.
We can all use a little relaxation.
Ready for summer to begin.

 Macy girl certainly is.

One thing's for sure.
You won't find me on a boat without a handful of inspiration.
I hope you like what you see is to come...

What's your favorite summer enjoyment?

For the love of nothing more stylish than chillin' out... 
Happy Weekend!  Whitley

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Night on the Queen City

Most wonderful man in the world and I recently had 
a little double date action with two of our closest friends, 
Queen City Style.
Pre-dinner drinks at Sullivan's.
Stroll on over to the East/West Blvd. to catch the train.
Hop on the Light Rail uptown bound for some fabulous convo and eats.
We accidentally took the train two stops too far, 
 but it was my favorite part of the night.
Anything that makes me feel like I am in the big city.
There's no other feeling like it.
But the Queen City... she holds her own quite well.

Vintage Dress: from Hong Kong Vintage
Necklace: My Grandmother's, Rhinestone Bracelet: Henri Bendel,
Square Rhinestone Bracelet: J. Crew South Park-  
In store at select stores only, 
Earrings: my own,
Hair: by BLo ouT

For the love of fabulous style in the Queen City... xo-Whitley

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stylistic Artistic

Hello my most stylish friends!
Recently, I received my weekly email from the Queen City's 
very own Charlotte Tidbits about one stylistic artistic gal 
by the name of Stephanie Jimenez.
The two teamed up to offer a fabulous discount 
on the purchase of one of Stephanie's one of a kind fashion drawings.

One of a kind, I say, because the drawing is of YOU.
A fashion drawing of Moi?
With the Queen City Style being my post family eat, sleep and breathe 
at the present, I could not pass up this exciting offer!
After contacting Stephanie via email, she and I perused a few images to 
consider for her drawing.  We ultimately went with one of my favorites.  
Click HERE to see the post for this ensemble.

Burberry Silk Scarf, Chanel Quilted Purse

This is what Stephanie sent back to me.
I was so excited and beyond impressed with her artistic interpretation.

Illustration by Stephanie Jimenez
 Stephanie used a variety of photos to articulate the final outcome. 
The below image shows the front of the dress.

 This photo assisted with Stephanie's creation of the pose for her drawing.

Kayce Hughes Dress, Blinde Natural Born Thriller Sunglasses

Another image of the dress.

 The shoes.

Cole Haan Shoes

And accessories.

earrings from J.T. Posh

And Voila'!

Drawing by Stephanie Jimenez

 How amazing is Stephanie?
And since fashion is her passion, Stephanie is sharing
 some more of her love on the Queen City Style.
In addition to her one of a kind creations,
Stephanie sells other renderings through her Etsy shop HERE.
A couple of my favorites include this Spring 2012 Balenciaga rendering,

Balenciaga Spring 1012

as well as these adorable fashion illustration greeting cards.
I think I NEED these, don't you?

Illustration cards by Stephanie Jimenez

Head on over to Stephanie's Etsy shop, enter promo code
QUEENCITYSTYLE, and get 25% off your total purchase!
Stephanie, you totally got it goin' on, girl.

Also visit:
Charlotte Tidbits, and sign up to get the inside scoop.
Charlotte Tidbits on Facebook

For the love of all things stylistic artistic xx-Whitley
ps-and to all you readers who pounce at your very own, I wanna see!