Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Blazer and Cocktail Dress

Today I'm participating in Marion's Trend of the Month link-up.
So much fun.  The topic: Colorful Blazers.  I do not own a colorful blazer, and since rushing out to purchase one for the sake of a blog post is not in my budget, nor of my mindset, I hope Marion will not disqualify me for using the best that I have.  The white number you see here is the jacket of an old Banana Republic skirt suit I purchased for Precious Peanut #1's Baptism.  Let us all be dressed in white!  At any rate, if you haven't visited Marion's blog, Marionberry Style, please do.  She is really the cutest most beautiful thing.  I told her she likens Eva Mendes meets Hillary Swank.  Not a bad combo, right? Not to mention, I think she's got the best legs on the Blogoshere.  Marion, if you're reading this, I hope I'm not embarrassing you!  This just seems like the most befitting intro for my post.  So, here goes.  I hope everyone approves!

Dress: old, Blazer: Banana Republic- Old, here's one, Shoes: Nine West, Gold Belt: Raina Belts from KK Bloom, Yellow Belt: Forever 21-similar here, Sash: My Grandmother's, Bag: Chanel from Neiman Marcus, similar here, Sunglasses: Blinde, here's a similar pair, Earrings: Old from JT Posh, Bracelet: Henri Bendel, Rings: Melinda Maria, Tiffany, Custom by Diamonds Direct

I got this dress back in my hometown of Asheville, NC at Lucy Anne,
for some sort of semi-formal event.  Maybe a Deb party.  It's been so long.
I got no shame in showing you this.  Oh geez, this is so awful.

But then, looking at the fullness of my cheeks makes me think this was college.  You know, that whole drinking too much beer es no bueno for the figure.  Kip??  At any rate, I've always had a thing for cocktail dresses, even if I didn't have an occasion.  Turns out, 15ish years later, I do!
Let this not be the last image in your head before bed! 

Also linking up for my first ever ...

For the love of holding onto things you love and blazer fun...
Thank you so much for reading!!  Whitley

The Epitome of California Cool

This past weekend marked the annual Crook family reunion.
This is my father's mother's family.  My Grandmother, who passed away in 2010, was the youngest of 11 siblings.  At 95 years of age, she was the last of the siblings to pass.  As you can probably imagine, this brings a lot of people together at one time, which is so much fun.  We lost loved ones over this past year, and we remember them in our hearts as we celebrate this special family time together.  We also had two of our newest members join the reunion this year.  It is hard to believe there is a new generation at the helm.  Below is a group shot, which is always fun to try and get.  I would say this is only about half of the group, perhaps less, but it's a good showing.  I love being with each and every one of you!

So... onto the fashion!  My cousin, Leslie, who I consider to be more of a big sister to me has always had THE coolest style.  A Columbia, SC native, after college, Leslie moved to California to pursue a career in the film industry.  While the majority of her time was spent behind the camera, she's made a few appearances on the front side.  My favorite, of course, is in the movie Shag.  I couldn't find a clip on-line where you can see Leslie, but she was in this incredible scene that gives me goosebumps every time I watch.  
Best. Movie. Ever.

Leslie has always had the most chilled out, relaxed, casual cool style, and now that she is a California girl, I call her the Epitome of California Cool.  Befitting, right?  The icing on top... guess her age?  Forty three next week.  Can you believe it?  Happy Birthday my dear!  You look amazing!!

Leslie's Outfit:
Shirt: Nordstrom, here's a cute one, Shorts: Old Navy, or similar hereWrap Bracelet: SundanceSilver Bracelet: Gift from husband for birth of son, Lois Hill at Nordstrom, here's one or here, Belt: Lucky, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Flops: Havaianas, Earrings: handmade of vintage buttons and guitar strings, Northern California designer. Rings: Custom by LA designer.
My Outfit: 
Dress: Mossimo Supply Co. at Target (old), similar here and here, Shoes: fibi & clo, Sunglasses: Kate Spade (old), here's the current version, Earrings: World Market ($5 score!), but I adore these, Bracelet: old, but love this one, Ring: Tiffany.

For the love of being with family, in great style,
Happy Monday, Y'all!  Whitley

Sunday, June 24, 2012

J. Crew Love: Animal Print Shorts and Neon Boucle Tweet Jacket

Happy Day Most Stylish Friends!
The majority of today's ensemble comes straight to you from my 
unequivocal favorite modern day retailer.  I struggle with labeling 
anything as "favorite," but I think it's safe to say J. Crew has held strong 
to that title since I was in the 6th grade. I remember my excitement in 
checking the mail to discover those preppy-casual filled pages of  
J. Crew, and later, a second catalog, Clifford & Wills, just waiting for 
me to dog ear.  As I type this, we are half way through the month 
of June.  Where is the summer going?  I was shocked to learn the items 
styled here are part of the LAST of this season's summer designs 
and shipments!  How can this be true??  Better hurry into the Crew!
I am 100% in love with this outfit from head to toe.  

I collaborated with J. Crew South Park's personal shopper 
extraordinaire, Meghan Stevens, to lovingly showcase some of our 
favorite pieces in the collection.  Accessorizing is the way to really style 
an outfit all your own.  Starting with the belt and necklace, I could have 
gone in a few different directions with this.  Admittedly, I often times 
have to real in the creative freedom associated with accessorizing, but in
this case I relinquished the reigns and opted to let the clothes take center
stage.  I did manage to incorporate some of my favorite pieces
into this classic, yet colorful and fun ensemble.

Shorts: c/o J.CrewJacket: c/o J.Crew, Shirt: c/o J.Crew, Purse: My Great-Grandmother's, Shoes: Michael Kors (old), but here's a pair, Sunglasses: Blinde Natural Born Thriller, also here's a less expensive pair, Necklace: old, but here's one, Earrings: old, but here's a pair I adore, Rings: Turquoise-belonged to my Grandmother, here's my fav new cocktail ring, Custom from Diamond's Direct and Tiffany, Bracelets: Stella & Dot Nugget Wrap and Renegade Cluster bracelets, J.Crew and my Grandmother's.

If you're seeking a little creative influence while shopping at J. Crew
South Park, don't wait to see Meghan or any of the talented personal
shoppers at J. Crew. Call 704-365-9355. Working with these ladies is so
much fun.  Adding to the fun, take 20% off the purchase of your first
appointment with Meghan.
 Have fun, and let me know what you get!

For the love of creative collaboration, in great style, 
thank you so much for reading!  Whitley

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vintage Lillie Rubin, Craft Beer and Burgers

Let me just start by saying this post has a few more pictures than
I normally include.  I blame it on this new outfit for which I am 
completely obsessed, head over heels in love.  The dress and matching jacket, a recent Etsy find for me, are a rare maxi dress outfit collaboration by Lillie Rubin and Don Luis de Espana.  After wearing this dress that belonged to my mother, I set out on a mission to find more equally fabulous styles by the designer.  I've always adored that dress, but I think I am now at the stage of full blown unhealthily obsessed over Lillie Rubin design.  Two things I love just about more than anything when it comes to fashion are bright color and classic vintage design, and this outfit has it all.  If you share this same affinity with me, be sure to check out Diana's Etsy shop.  I was not familiar with Don Luis de Espana before now, but after a quick Google search, I found this little bit of info, this novelty print dress, and this awesome maxi dress.  Definitely now a Don fan.

For a quick night on the town, Father's Day style, most wonderful man in the world and I took it to NoDa for a some tasty craft brew.  First stop, one of our favs (co-owned by an super cool friend of mine), Birdsong Brewing Co.

Everybody loves large and in charge Jenga.

We then hopped over to NoDa Brewing Company for some more tasty.  Sorry I don't have any pictures.  Things were starting to get a little out of focus by now.  Thank goodness, however, for Auto Burger & Fry Guys.  I am not lying to you when I say I think I had the BEST vegetarian burger of my life straight from this... old milk truck?  Like their Facebook page to see where you can try for yourself!


Vintage + Craft + Burger = Me all smiley happy.

Dress: Vintage Lillie Rubin, here's a hot print, Sunglasses: Blinde, but here's a similar pair, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Bag: JJ Winters from Lipp Boutique, Bangles: Henri Bendel, Red and Pink are Bakelite thanks to summerbird, Earrings: thanks to JoJo Loves You, Rings: Turquoise-my Grandmother's, Tiffany and Custom at Diamonds Direct

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mint & Coral Fashion Challenge

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I have had the best last two days volunteering at church
for my first ever Vacation Bible School.  Both precious peanut #1 and #2 
are participating in the festivities, and even the baby is coming home with little art projects.  I think I will be singing "I'm Zapped!" in my sleep for several weeks to come, but it could be worse... "Oops, I did it again" anyone?  Okay, so onto today's post.  I'm so excited to be linking up for my first ever Bloggers Do It Better fashion challenge today, and the theme is Mint + Coral.  Literally, the only mint and coral pieces I own are the two items you see here, so this was definitely a stretch for me.  There are too many things to list that I am not, but one thing I am is determined, so no way I wasn't going to find a way to make this work!  Whether or not it is a wearable ensemble is up to the individual, but truth be told, I'm kinda liking the spontaneity of it all.  I have the rest of my life to be safe and boring, right?  Thanks, Kristina, for the fun opportunity!

Mint Shirt: J. Crew (old), but here's one, Madras shirt: J. Crew, Shorts: J. Crew, Clutch: Gifted, but here's one I love, Sunglasses: Blinde, and here's a less expensive similar pair, Shoes: Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan from Step by Sloan, Belt: My Grandmother's, Rings: White: BCBG (old), Tiffany and Custom by Diamonds Direct, Earrings: Green Sheen Bling thanks to JoJo Loves You

For the love of stylin' it fun with mint and coral, 
Happy Hump Day!  Whitley

Monday, June 18, 2012

Room To Outfit Interpretation with Margaret Fisher Interiors

Greetings!  I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's post featuring the 
lovely and talented Margaret Fisher and her wonderful interiors.  I have admired my friend's designs for some time now, and I was super excited to share her work with you.  I'm also as happy as a clam (where in the world was this expression derived?) to have figured out such a fun way to keep fabulous home design relevant on the Queen City Style as I have transitioned my little hobby into primarily a fashion blog.  It is such a joy to share with you my passion, and I truly hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.  Admiring so many of the rooms Margaret has designed, I had a hard time choosing which one to use for my room to outfit interpretation, so I let Margaret decide...

Margaret Fisher Interiors

As a disclaimer, this room was pretty challenging for me to channel in an ensemble.  Initially, my thought was this will be great!  All these fun colors that I love so much! Well, I quickly realized a room this size boasts a lot of color, texture and pattern for a much smaller space with which to work!  All that said, working with a bridesmaid dress 3 1/2 weeks post precious peanut #1, a borrowed madras from me mama and various other pieces pulled from the overflow closet, I'm feeling pretty proud most of the elements in the room somehow worked their way onto my body...

Room to Outfit Collaboration with Margaret Fisher Interiors

How'd I do?  I have so much fun with these little room to outfit
interpretations.  If you have a favorite designer or room you would like 
to see me interpret, please let me know!  I would love to hear from you! 

Green Dress: Bridesmaid Dress (old), Brown Top: BCBG dress (old), Madras Shirt: J. Crew, Belt: Raina, here's one I love, Pashmina: from Belk (old), Bracelets: Green- my Great Grandmother's, Brown buckle (old), Wooden: from The Jewel Box, Red: vintage Bakelite thanks to summerbird, Blue link bracelet from ivy & leo, but here's one I'm obsessing, Earrings: old, Red Sash: My Grandmother's, Blue Scarf: H&M, here's one, Sunglasses: Blinde, also here's a less expensive similar pair, Shoes: Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan from Step by Sloan

For the love of collaborating in great style,
I appreciate you so much for reading!  Whitley