the Queen City Style values mutually beneficial relationships with
other businesses and individuals.  Listed below are ways we 
would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you.
If you have another idea in mind, please let us know!  
We love hearing new ideas and welcome all things creative.

Sponsorship & Advertisements
the Queen City Style welcomes advertisements in the form of 
monthly sponsorship.  If you are a boutique owner, designer, 
photographer, make up artist, jewelry maker, fellow blogger 
(so on, so forth) interested in advertising your awesome product
on the Queen City Style, please contact me for current rates.

the Queen City Style will host giveaways of products 
that are a good fit for our styling and audience.  Giveaways
are a fun way to promote your product and gain exposure.

Outfit Sponsorship/Product Reviews
the Queen City Style enjoys promoting your product by way of 
incorporating it into an outfit post.  Any articles of clothing and/or 
accessories gifted will be indicated on the Queen City Style.
Additionally, we will accept products for review that we feel are 
a good fit for our site and audience.  the Queen City Style
reserves the right to share honest opinions with readers.

Thank you for your interest, 
We look forward to collaborating with you!
Email: thequeencitystyle@yahoo.com

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