About Me

Hello!  It's so nice to see you!  My name is Whitley Adkins Hamlin.

As a young girl, I learned from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother about great style, and thus my fascination with it began.  With the birth of my second son in March 2011, I decided to stop working outside of the home to stay at home and care for my family.  As soon as I was able to muscle up enough energy to brush my teeth and comb my hair on a regular basis, I began pouring every remaining ounce of energy I had at the end of the day into all things creative.  I submitted a story about my Grandmother and Great Grandmother to Lucky magazine for their back page story based on the blog My Mom the Style Icon.  They published my story, and I couldn't have been more excited.  At that moment, I knew I must find a way to channel my creative energy, and I suppose you could say that was the catalyst for this blog.  While the Queen City Style has evolved into a primarily a fashion blog since inception, I love great style in all things; clothing, home decor, nature, aesthetics of any kind.  My greatest goal is that you will enjoy what you read and see here on the Queen City Style.  I want to write about what my followers want to read, so if there is anything you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me at thequeencitystyle@yahoo.com.

For the love of great style, Whitley

"I am first and, finally, my only model" - Coco Chanel