Sunday, April 15, 2012

Come Hither Hair

I recently posted some pics from my birthday night out with the girls.
BLo ouT sure did make me feel special.
I tell you what.  A walking advertisement, I was.
I ran a few errands before painting the town.
I must have been stopped at least 20 times.  About the hair.

So, today I'm here to show and tell you all about it.

I originally planned on just a BLo ouT,
However, after a quick consultation with stylist Amanda
which included an inquiry about a fun, messy "Boho Glam" braid, 
as it turns out,
my wish was her command.
And boy did she perform.
So talented AND accommodating, those BLo ouTers.

I showed up unprepared...
No images in hand to share of my sought after style.
But a few iPhone shared images later,
any expectations I had were blown out of the water.

First came a wash and style.
A wash is not typically included with an up do,
but since I arrived a hot mess, I asked for this extra little bit of love.

Let's say I opted out of the up do and stopped at a BLo ouT.
Va Va Va Voom!
Why can't I do this at home?!  
I'm sure it is possible. I know it is.
It's just not in my cards.
It seems nothing past an elastic hair tie is these days.
As I was saying... thank goodness for...

hair by BLo ouT

For optimal hold, Amanda rolled my hair with a curling iron.
A touch of Goldilocks?
Juuuust right!

Time for the first side braid.
A river of hair!

hair by Blo ouT

Then, the other side. 

 Pulling it all together in the back, just as I described to Amanda.

Maybe not a pony tail, but let's gather it all in a messy loose bun.

Oh my gosh.
Are you kidding me?
I want this everyday of my life.

hair by BLo ouT

How stinking cute is BLo ouT stylist Amanda?
I really could not have asked for anything more to my liking loving!

Now after the girls night out, the neeext night
most wonderful man in the world and I headed Uptown 
for some double date action with two of our closest pals.
I got to showcase my fabulous hair ALL weekend long.

hair by Blo ouT

Day 2 - I headed back to BLo ouT for a touch up and slight modification.
This time, the moi tres chic stylist Charlie 
pulled out some serious fabulous hair stops.
Readjusting only the bun,
this time a fishtail was put into place.

Charlie, you are a brilliant!

Got a hot date with a new beau and want to look your best?
Or perhaps, got a hot date with your most wonderful man in the world 
and want to feel like it's your very first night together?
A night out with the girls?
Whatever your case may be,
I can't tell you how good about myself I felt with this hair.

BLo ouT.
I look forward to showing you more 
from my fun night out on the Queen City.

Here's the skinny.
BLo ouT's start at $35.
Up do's cost a bit more, based on complexity.
For about $10, go back the next day if you wish, for a variation.
On Sunday, wear your 'do to church,
then slap on a headband for the cutest afternoon jog ever.
A weekend of feel good.
What could be more stylish?
To get yours, click HERE.
Tell the ladies at BLo ouT the Queen City Style sent you
and get 10% off your 'do.

For the love of nothing more stylish than feeling good.  xo-Whitley


  1. That blow out is TDF! May have to get them to hook me up for two of my sister's weddings this summer, both in town!!

    Okay, so I am so so so faaaar from shopping this gypsy junk website, a little too gypsy for me, but I was perusing blogs today, and this girl (who's blog I've never read) was sporting your necklace. I clicked on it, and she had a link to where she got her necklace (aka your turquoise one) and it's online for $42! I know you've got some readers that may not be from around here, so feel free to let them know they can order it online here:

    Hope you're having a great Monday!

    1. Hello my dear... thank you for this awesome lead. So bizarre, and again thanks for the awesome tip. And, YES... If you are not familiar, BLo ouT is inside of Gorgeous Glo which is an all natural spray tan. The owner is a native Charlottean and just an all around-do-gooder! Love supporting good business and great business people! If you speak with Anne (the owner) or Donna (tell them hello!) Really, tan + hair in one stop = can't be beat!

  2. beautiful hair!!love necklance!!!i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!

    Freaky Friday

    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

    1. Thanks Sabrina, and thanks for leaving your blog address.. just hopped on over and joined my dear! xo

  3. Your hair is beautiful! And I love that necklace with the pink top, so pretty.


    1. Thank you so much Emily!! I've wear the necklace all the time and now have it in THREE colors... turqoise, coral and white. It is from a store here in Charlotte called J.T. Posh... $39!! if you want to call and order one and have them ship it to you!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I felt pretty wearing it :).


  5. love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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