Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well, hello, Living in Yellowers! How do you do?

Hello Friends of Living in Yellow!
This month I am a sponsor for one of the most fun blogs
written by one of the most fun gals I (cyber) know,
Erin at Living in Yellow.
For those of you who are new to my blog,
please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Whitley, and I am so delighted to be here today.

I am a wife, mother to two boys ages four and one years of age,
and a recent retiree, (well at least for now).
Here I am getting a little help from my boys, Hank and Worth,
as I blow out the candle on my 35th birthday slice this past weekend.

While I have loved every second of every day with them,
shortly into my new occupation of Stay-At-Home-Mom,
I started feeling the itch, just as I suspected.

I scratched.
I started renovating furniture.

Making baby Worth's room a BOY room (finally),

 since we did not know his gender prior to his arrival.

Making all of the accessories for Worth's room.

Repairing mirrors.

Turning vases into lamps.

Rearranging every room in my house five times over and then again.


I submitted an article to Lucky magazine
about my Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

Lucky ran the story in their December issue,
and I was over the moon.

The next morning I sat straight up in bed and said,
"I know what I need to do.  I'll write a blog!"
It's been almost five months.
I haven't looked back.  I haven't slept a wink.  I love it.
Well, writing the blog, not the not sleeping part.

Oh, how I wish this were me.

I'm obsessed with vintage fashion, 
and I am super lucky to have inherited so many fabulous
pieces that belonged to my Grand mother and Great Grandmother.

Anyone love the flashy and
fabulous 80's as much as I do?
Mr. Blackwell Dress and Cape
An original Mr. Blackwell dress and cape!
My 'Elvis Presley' Belt
My favorite winter coat.
A Pendleton classic.
At the Queen City Style, I write about, as the bi-line states,
 all things stylish in the Queen City and beyond.
Fashion, Home Design, Entertaining, DIY...
Anything I deem stylish.
I love to play dress up, and the Queen City Style is my platform!

One other thing I love is hearing what makes other people excited.
And, I would L.O.V.E nothing more than
hearing what is most stylish to you!


For the love of making new friends, in great style... love... Whitley


  1. Cute blog! I love your style! I just started following. I found you through Living in Yellow.
    Thought I'd invite you to check out my blog, too!
    Tess @

    1. Tesiah,

      Thank you for your kind words, and I am SO thrilled to have your readership! Hoping on over now to say hello :)

      Warmest Regards, Whitley

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment - I'm loving your home decor and totally remember that feature on your grandma in Lucky Mag! Too cool... I always love those features.

    1. Alicia... crazy unashamed "ask" I realize, but if you have any time in your life these days to follow other blogs, would you consider following mine? I want to get on your radar, and if you ever care to comment again my way, I will look forward to your feedback as I roll out more on fashion. This blog is 5 months old, and I am so excited, but as I said... I will unabashedly be checking you out for some inspiration :). Hope you have a fabulous weekend. PS--love the red hair color.

  3. I am dying over that Elvis belt. DYING!

  4. What an awesomely unique blog you have! Love it!

    1. Hi Taylor!! Thanks for leaving this sweet compliment, and your address. I've already hoped on over and am crossing my fingers on winning one of those SO cool peace sign shirts. Man, I would love to style that baby on the Queen City Style! Looking forward to following you as well!

      Warmest Regards, Whitley


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