Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bits of Charleston

I had a wonderful time celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday
 in the Holy City with her and my sister-in-law this past weekend.

Charleston is the loveliest place, and at just about three hours drive
time from the Queen City, it's one I could stand to take any 'ole time.

I share with you my weekend in pictures and notes...

is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Charleston.
Since my last visit, the Market has undergone massive renovations.
Much of the Market is now enclosed and air conditioned.  
History is beautifully restored.

Throughout the years, my family has stayed in Charleston 
It is such a lovely way to stay in the city,
see the sights and feel right at home.
For our stay on this particular visit, we rested in a newly renovated 
loft condominium.  Our location could not have been better.

First stop, my absolute favorite spot for lunch, Sermet's Downtown.
This quaint, Southern and hospitable dining establishment 
has also been renovated since my last visit. Along with the new look 
came this handsome, friendly father-son duo to greet you at the door.
Love, loving the bow ties, dinner jackets, curtains, ceiling, 
floors, white table cloths....Oh Heavens, loving it all!
When you go, please say hello from the Queen City Style!

 You know I had to get Precious Pea #1 a searcy.  
He is always so cool with his sunglasses on... until his loses them.
We solved that problem with his very own pair of SC Croakies!
How aprapo.

No visit to Charleston is complete without a stroll down the boardwalk.

I proudly kept my spending to a minimum with the exception of
the Croakies, a shirt for most wonderful man in the world and this ring,
which my mother-in-law so kindly helped me purchase.  LOVE!
It's by Los Angeles jewelry designer Melinda Maria 
from the adorable eclectic boutique, Cose Belle.

Did you this about the College of Charleston? 
I did not.  Wow.

So beautiful.

Not my bike.  Just posing and pretending.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful characteristics of Charleston
is all the lovely homes, their gardens and flower boxes.

I leave you with a discovery brand new to me. 
I stumbled across this Church pathway while on my Sunday morning run.
It's just off of King Street.

As you approach the gates...

... and pass through the entrance...

...and travel down this magical path...

... an old cemetery is the destination. 

So enthralling to me.
Has anyone else this?
There is so much history and richness to discover in Charleston, SC.
It is just the most lovely place.

I hope you enjoyed these images and notes from my weekend.

For the love of magical findings just down the road, 
I hope you are having a marvelous week!  Whitley


  1. Oh man - I miss Charleston so much!! My sis used to live there. Haven't been in years. Your pics made me homesick for it!!

  2. I do love a Charleston get-away, and I photographed that very same narrow and tall pink home on my last trip there to ring in the new year! It's my ultimate dreamhouse.

  3. Lovely pictures! I lived in Charleston for three years before I moved to Charlotte and I definitely miss it sometimes!

  4. How fun!! I love your blog. I think we should follow each other - http://amyklundt.blogspot.com/

  5. That cemetery...yes! I went to a wedding at that church in November. It is the Unitarian church on Archdale St. We had pictures made in the cemetery. The wedding planner explained that they do not manicure the gravesites...they believe that it all should be left to grow naturally (can't recall the biblical basis). But, it certainly is enchanting!


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