Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Most wonderful man in the world, 
precious pea number one and precious pea number two and I
ventured out this afternoon for a little family style Cinco de Mayo fun.
Cold cerveza for my man, chips and queso for the boys, 
tasty on the rocks with salt margarita for me.
I love the perfect opportunity to pull from my wardrobe this hand
embroidered Mexican blouse I found from a small shop on the 
Upper East Side of Manhattan almost 15 years ago. 
Actually, I think mine is a mini-dress, but I usually wear it as a shirt.
It was a beautiful day in the Queen City.


Embroidered Blouse: Here is a selection or Here
Oh, and I've also been eyeing this one.
Shorts: Loft (old), these look like mine at a great price.
Shoes: Michael Kors (mine are last season), here's a similar pair.
Sunglasses:  Mine are Blinde Natural Born Thrillers from 
Doctor's Vision Center in the Queen City,  
Here's a similar pair at a nice price.
Head Scarf: My Grandmother's.
Earrings: Gifted from a friend.  I like these.
Bangles: Green belonged to my Grandmother. 
Pink and Red gifted from the best splurge on consignment, summerbird.
Others: Stella & Dot Here and Here
J. Crew Crystal Rope Bracelet in select stores only.

For the love of celebrating in sunshiny style, Whitley


  1. Lovelovelove, and the bangles totally set it off!

    1. Bangles and red head scarf, that is! :)

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  3. perfect little top and bracelets for cinco de mayo

  4. brett. you are too funny. our reverend, a close friend, calls himself ole rev... the only thing i see in your picture is a lady of incredible style with fabulous hair! :) thanks, as ever, for your compliments. whitley

  5. I am in love with your style!! :)

    This outfit is perfect for a spring && so trendy!!

    I'm new here, just looking around!!

    xoxo, nykki

    1. Thanks for this Nykki! So glad you came to the Queen City Style! Whitley


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