Thursday, May 10, 2012

Southern Wedding Shower

Dear Friends,
I am very excited to be hosting a virtual wedding shower today
for my beautiful, super stylish, sweet friend, Ivana.

When Ivana and I decided to host a blog swap with one other,
we immediately got to thinking about what this would look like.
Ivana reminded me of her wedding date, exactly one year from today!
I've been keeping an eye on Ivana's fun fashion sense,
from all the way over in Austria might I add,
ever since I started writing the Queen City Style.  
A contentious risk taker with her own style, trends and fashion,
Ivana's got a flair for all things fun, fabulous and French.
She has fond memories of a strong bond with her stylish Grandmother,
reminding me of my relationship with my own.

Not to mention, that pretty face.
Precious Peanut #1 star gazingly pointed out the obvious one day:
"Mommy, is that pretty lady your friend?" 

Ivana loves the finer things in life as much as the rest of us.
Her blog, Macarons and Pearls, is the perfect channel for vicariously living
such a fine life, unless of course, you already do.  
And in that case, cheers to you!
As you can see, like the rest of us girls, Ivana loves an opportunity 
to be creative and play dress up, so today I am giving her that
by way of throwing her a Southern Wedding Shower.
I thought this would be a fun way to share with her a little about our
culture and traditionally conservative and classy way of doing things, 
for which we Southerners are all so proud.
So cheers to you, Ivana!  I hope you enjoy your special day today!

Let's start with the location. 
Since Ivana's shower is being held right here in the Queen City,
I immediately turned to the The Duke Mansion.
I've attended a number of events at this gorgeous home, now operating
as a Southern Bed and Breakfast, and I've never been less than enamored
with the home and ground's interior and exterior beauty.
I know Ivana and the closest ladies in her life will enjoy their stay here.
I thought it might be nice for Ivana's guests to enter the Mansion,

and as they pass through the foyer...

 ...delight themselves with either one of these tasty treats.

or if you are feeling extra festive in celebration of Ivana's 
upcoming nuptials, perhaps treat yourself to something a little more bold;
a Mint Julep garnished with fresh mint, served from a Julep cup.

The gardens at The Duke Mansion are a lovely place 
for conversation and good tidings. 

It's starting to get warm in the South,
so we'll make sure the gardens are flanked with lots of 
Sago Palms and Ferns to help us feel a little more breezy in the heat.

What shall we serve?  Nothing to heavy.  We will dine on a light lunch.  
How about a few passed hors d' oeuvres, consisting of finger sandwiches?

Naturally, Deviled Eggs.

Without question, little ham biscuits.

Making our way back inside, we'll take our seats at tables draped
with white tables cloths and delicate doilies placed at each setting.

I'd find a way to work them into this table, which cheerfully
displays all of the traditional elements of a Southern table, with a
modern twist thanks to the chevron napkins an colored candlesticks.

The table will, of course, be accessorized with 

We'll serve a delicate lunch consisting of avocado and grapefruit salad, 
supplemented with fresh lump crab meat.  No filler.

Passed garlic cheese biscuits.  Hhhmmm Hmmm.

If you've saved room for desert,
I was thinking Bananas Foster prepared table side.  

At least that is what I was planning on, until saw this.
Ivana, I know about you and your little sweet tooth.  
Eat your heart out!

But I must warn you, this might be you...

We must shower you will gifts, my dear.
I can think of nothing more southern or luxurious than 
monogrammed linens from Leontine Linens.


You'll need this as you exchange vows with your lucky lad, Philippe.

As parting gifts, I hope your guests will enjoy Quartz Votive Holders 
Store owner and Blogger, Mackenzie, offers just the cutest things!

Since Ivana has a thing for pastels, I thought I would wear
this ensemble I recently styled.  Ironically enough,
the photos were taken just doors down from The Duke Mansion.
How do I look, Ivana?
The floppy brimmed straw hat, a warm weather staple 
for any Southern Lady, is good for keeping cool on sunny days.

You certainly don't need me to tell you this, Ivana, but...

You already are, my dear, and I'm having
so much fun watching your stylish self do it.
I hope you have had a lovely day!
I look forward to following along with more 
preparations leading up to your big day!!

For the love of celebrating with friends, in the very best of style-- Whitley


  1. What a beautiful place! Seriously, I never really considered visiting the south, that is definately changing, thanks to your blog. I just recently stumbled across it and I wanted to let you know that you're broadcasting an intensly positive vibe. Thank you for that experience. I grab the opportunity (I don't comment a lot) and congratulate you on your young looks, you're proof of a statement I just read by the uber-stylish Ines de la Fressange ' don't overdo the make-up if you would like to look young'. You also have great style, obviously running in the family... sending you good thoughts and wishes over the big pond is Katrin

    1. Katrin,

      Hello Darling! What a lovely note you have left me here. Where do you live? Were you introduced to me via Ivana? Yes, Ms. de la Fessange is quite a stylish one, and how beyond generous of you to send any such reference my way.... ALL of your kind words. I'll be saving this one for my archives!

      I do hope you will visit the Queen City Style often!

      Warmest Regards, Whitley

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, my dear! You were actually there :). I just knew you and Ivana would enjoy meeting!

  3. Thank you so much for including my matches in this positively darling party! That space is absolutely stunning. Have a great weekend!

    1. Mackenzie,

      Thrilled to give your quartz votive holders and matches as parting gifts. I love all of your merchandise and was glad to be able to bring at least some recognition to any possible new fans.

      Regards, Whitley

  4. So many great, inspiring pics! I have that same F21 shirt, love how you styled it!

    1. Jessica,

      Are you referring to the lavender check vest I'm wearing or something Ivana is wearing? Either way, thanks for your sweet words as ever!

  5. What a delightful Southern shower and I thought that I would bring a hostess gift, bien sûr, of macarons for your enjoyment with a spot of Champagne as you wind down from the rush of this fine soirée!

    I knew when I saw Queen city where you were as I have come to know your airport and its lovely sculpture quite well.

    The Duke Mansion is truly fabulous and my only invitation was a dinner meeting... quite fine, but a luncheon would be so much better!


    1. Well Miss Genie,
      Aren't year a dear! Ivana and I both were so glad you were able to join us for the shower, and I love Macarons! How apropo.

      Yes, The Duke Mansion is quite lovely. Exquisite. Thank you, also, for visiting me at the Queen City Style. I do hope you will come back again soon! How did you find me, if I may ask?

      Warmes Regards, Whitley

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