Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures and Sale Alerts: Shopbop, NET-A-PORTER

I would like to thank most wonderful man in the world 
and most wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law in the world 
for their participation in my fabulous weekend!
Friday Precious Peanut #1 and Precious Peanut #2 and I went 
down at Hall Family Farm for some strawberry pickin'. 
Farmer Worth inspects Farmer Hank's work.

Farmer Worth had one to many.  Completely drunk off strawberries.

It was a wonderful Friday activity with my boys, and so begins my
wonderful, totally relaxing weekend.  Most wonderful man the world 
and Precious Peanut #1 hitched the boat and trailer to the back of the 
truck ready for a weekend of boat time at Jordan Lake with an old college 
friend and his son.  Enter most wonderful in-laws in the world.  They took 
Precious Peanut #2 for their own little bit of fun at the lake.  
Which left me home.  Alone.

Image via.
Raise up!
The first thing I did was strap on my shoes and hit the trails.
Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!
No, just kidding.  Well, maybe not.  Yea, just kidding.  Okay, no.

I returned home to find these precious personalized note cards
by the very talented Stephanie Jimenez delivered at my door.

You may recall she drew this custom illustration.

So talented that Stephanie!  Check out her website and Etsy shop.
Friday night included a very tall glass of wine, and to my own surprise,
on a whim I ventured out of the house for a going away gathering.
Saturday morning entailed me cleaning the house from top to bottom.  
I'm pretty sure I could run circles around any housekeeper in Charlotte.  

Saturday afternoon looked like this.  Freaking fabulous.  
An afternoon by the pool with one of my besties and a new book.  
So I hear, bring on the raunchy!

After the pool, a trip to Rountree Plantationso I could get potting!

A few more pages at the book, and that was enough for me.
Sunday morning, rise and shine much earlier than planned... 6am!  
What the?!  Birds, really??  Must you chirp so loud and happy so early?
Strap on the shoes once again for a 10 miler with my running pal.  
Perfect weather.  Sunshine, cool, crisp.  Heaven.

We have a tradition in our house. Pancake Saturday.
I know it's Sunday, and I'm the only one eating, but I just had to.
Fresh picked strawberries for my pancakes!

Aaahhhh. Shower, breakfast and book on the patio.

After breakfast, four hours of working on the Queen City Style,
then I couldn't resist not getting more flowers on such a pretty day!

Worked on a few baskets.
Met our new neighbors and their cute dog.
Macy was in doggy Heaven on her little doggy play date.

The sun is starting to go down, so I've retreated back into the house
for a delicious salad, topped with fresh strawberries, of course,
and one of my favorite everyday Chenin Blanc's, Spier Anno 1692.

 I expect my boys to be pulling down the driveway any second!
One last thing,a couple of my favorite on-line shopping sites
are currently having some major sales.  Shopbop...

I'd be totally down with rockin' this romper, if only!

Happy Shopping, in the very best style of course!- Whitley


  1. Jealous BUT so glad you had an amazing weekend! strawberries... running... flowers... peace and a little bit of raunch... Love it!

  2. What a fab weekend. I totally miss strawberry picking!

  3. Thanks for the fab feature, wonderful friend! Those little tots of yours are adorable!


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