Thursday, August 16, 2012

For The Boys And The Bag

As you probably suspected, I've been playing dress up for a long time.  You also may or may not know that I am a tomboy.  Perhaps it's because I have an athletic Dad who loved to throw the ball with me as a child and a Mom who possessed a take no prisoners sense of determination.  Maybe it's because I grew up an only child in a neighborhood predominantly of boys; boys that I tried so hard to keep up with (and I pretty much did, albeit against their wishes much of the time), but needless to say, if the boys could do it, nothing was going to stand in my way of doing it too.  But then there's this other side of me.  I am obsessed with playing dress up.  I seriously could do it all day long.  So, when my lifelong friend, Ann Roth, actress, fellow dribbler, shoe and bag designer sent over this gorgeous ODBF Tote, I was all girly girl squealing in delight.  I previously considered pairing this skirt and top for an outfit, but I haven't until now, and it is all because of is this killer bag.  Big, bold, bright and fun- perfection!  The best part...

Ann Roth Shoes ODBF Tote, J. Crew Big Shot Dot Skirt, Anthropologie Shirt, Steve Madden Nude Pumps, Blinde Sunglasses, Bauble Bar Boho Drops

Shirt: Anthropologie (old), I like this one. Skirt: J. Crew, last seen here. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: c/o Ann Roth Shoes. Sunglasses: Blinde, but here's a less expensive pair. Earrings: Bauble Bar (LOVE these in every color!). Necklace: Vintage, belonged to my Grandmother-in-law. Cuff: Henri Bendel. Rings: Tiffany, Custom by Diamonds Direct, belonged to my Great-Grandmother. 

Bauble Bar Indigo Boho Drops, Blinde Sunglasses

Bauble Bar Indigo Boho Drops

Vintage Cocktail Ring, J. Crew Big Shot Dot Circle Skirt, Blinde Sunglasses

Ann Roth Shoes ODBF Tote, Blinde Sunglasses, Steve Madden Pumps

Ann Roth Shoes ODBF Tote, J. Crew Big Shot Dot Skirt, Anthropologie Shirt, Steve Madden Nude Pumps, Blinde Sunglasses

...100% of profits from the sale of this bag will be donated to the Orange Duffle Bag Foundation, an organization that provides ongoing support for at-risk and homeless youth. The cherry on top?  Ann is offering the Queen City Style readers 35% off this bag when you use code QUEENCITY at (very important) Step 2 of check out.  And the sprinkles?  Ann's got to make some room for fall merchandise, so all styles of Ann Roth Shoes are being offered at 50% off through the month of August. A few of my favs... Hotsy TotsyVegas, and the Cape Cod Day Bag.  Enjoy!

For the love of styling, shopping and giving, in the very best style,
LOTS of love to each and every one of you!!!  Whitley


  1. Love the mix of prints! You look lovely! I am your new follower! Would you like to follow me back?

    1. Adelina, Thank you so much!!! Hoping over to visit you now :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy! I kinda think print mixing is my fav too.

  3. I adore this outfit! That shirt is gorgeous and I love the pattern mixing you did! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, because it lead me to yours! I love your style, and I'm your newest follower!

  4. Replies
    1. Of course you do. The blue is just a wee bit saturated though, I feel. ;)

  5. I would have never guessed you were a tomboy. . .you always look so feminine and gorgeous!!! LOVE this outfit and that bag! Sort of on a related topic, my InStyle subscription still gets sent to my parents house, and I finally picked it up today (they live 4 hours away from me and I'm home for the weekend, plus I usually read it on my ipad). I was flipping through it and saw your picture again. I was so proud, I squealed and showed my whole family! So awesome!!!

    xo Jenny

    1. Feminine and gorgeous you say? I'll take it! That is so awesome of you to share the excitement about the In Style pic. I know if (WHEN!!!) I see you in some mag, or even on the cover, I'll be squealing too. Thanks for the lovely sentiment.

  6. I could see you loving to play in the dirt knowing who much you like running. Plus there is something about us as Southern girls that loves to get dirty then dress up all prim and proper. It's delicate balance but one we do very well :)

    If I could get my hands on that top I would! Just love that print! All your jewelry is beautiful, particularly the vintage necklace. Gorgeous! Plus I already told you the woe is me story about missing out on that skirt. I'm still crying inside ;( heh


    1. Nicole,
      You are too sweet. I bet you were a dirt player too, huh? Such kind words from you. I am loving the necklace, myself, and I am happy my sister in law has loaned it to me until she wants it back for her own daughters to play dress up! It is one of my favs.

    2. Oh, and I really feel like that skirt is still there!


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