Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adios Amigos! + Giveaway Winner

By the time this post reaches most of you I will be on a plane to sunny Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a spontaneous (is there any better kind?) much needed get-away.  My girl Nic, super stylish and fun writer of Manners and Moxie is wing girlin' it with me.  Really, really looking forward to this view from the rooftop pool terrace.  Like our own little mini Sex and the City.

So on to the part you are all waiting for.  Click here to see if you are the lucky winner of the $50 Gift Card Giveaway to The Boulevard at South End!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and thank you, as ever for being here.  the Queen City Style and you bring me so much joy!

See you on the flip side! -Whitley


  1. In love with this,honey!;-)

  2. Have a blast and next time..invite me! ;)
    Sheree xxx

  3. You two have fun and be sure to take lots of pics!

  4. Have lots of fun!

  5. have fun gorgeous girl! soak up some sun and enjoy!!

    XO Meghan

  6. Have an amazing trip!! So jealous.

    xo Ashley

  7. That is so awesome! I hope the two of you have a wonderful time, and don't get into too much trouble!! :)

    xo Jenny


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