Sunday, December 30, 2012

the Queen City Style 2012 Top 10

One more day and 2012 is a wrap!  Keeping this short and sweet... Grateful for my blessings and (yes) struggles, I entered 2012 saying out loud "This is going to be a great year!"  For many reasons it was one of the most difficult years and for many reasons, including the Queen City Style and you, it was one of the greatest.  Thanks for being here with me. If the Queen City Style delivers you a fraction of the joy I receive sharing it with you, I consider 2012 a W-I-N.  May 2013 bring you and your loved ones many blessings, great opportunity, hope, faith, patience and understanding for others, will, determination and strength, good health, and most importantly, lots and lots of love... and anything else I may have neglected to include that you are seeking.  In my best effort to choose my favorite looks for 2012, counting backwards, here are my personal Top 10 favs.  I've looked at these, and I wonder, is there consistency?  What do these images say about my personal style?  Do you have an opinion??  Do you have a favorite here?  Is there something more or different you'd like to see?  I would love to know.  Once again, a big 'ole THANKS for being here!!!

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Coach, the Queen City Style, Charlie 1 Horse Boots, Pendleton Coat, Zara Jeans, The Bechtler Museum Charlotte, NC, CAbi Turtleneck, Donna Jernigan Photography, Moments by Donna

KK Bloom Boutique Dress, Charlotte, NC, the Queen City Style, JJ Winters Clutch, Lipp Boutique, Blinde Sunglasses

Pastel Eclectic, Everybody Everywear, the Queen City Style, BCBG Runway Collection, Banana Republic Clutch, Gap Hat, Belk pashmina, Finity vest, the Queen City Style

Woman Shops World Dog Leash, CiGi Guz jacket, Jessica Simpson Jean Shorts, Blinde Sunglasses, BCBG Shoes, Chanel Purse, the Queen City Style

Vintage Lillie Rubin, Bakelite Bracelets, summerbird, JJ Winters Chain Bag, Blinde Natural Born Thriller Sunglasses, the Queen City Style, birdsong brewery, Noda

Ann Roth Shoes Bag, Steve Madden Shoes, J. Crew Dot Skirt, Anthropologie Skirt, Bauble Bar Earrings, the Queen City Style

J. Crew, Steve Madden Pumps, CiGi Guz Skirt, Bakelite Bangles, summerbird, the Queen City Style

summerbird, Giorgio Armani, Tory Burch, Blinde Eywear, Chanel, Melinda Maria, the Queen City Style

Zara Belt, Vintage Dress, Luv Aj Earrings, Melinda Maria Ring, Blinde Sunglasses, the Queen City Style

ASOS dress, the Queen City Style, Blinde Sunglasses, Bauble Bar

I wish you all the best for a stylish, happy and love-filled 2013!!
With much gratitude, Whitley


  1. Happy New Year's to you too! You KNOW the 5th picture is my fave...the vintage Lillie Rubin! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us all! :)

  2. My fave is definitely the sequined jacket with teh cut-offs!
    Happy New Year Whitley! I hope you have less struggles and more joy, evolution and fulfillment in 2013!
    Sheree xxx

  3. My fav is the jean shorts and sparkly jacket.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Love your pattern mixing with the polka dot skirt! Love you and your blog - so glad we are blogger buddies and I look forward to more fun next year. My only request is that we live closer so we can swap clothes ;)

    Pearls & Paws

  5. What a stylish year you had!!!

  6. Happy New Year sweets! I hope you and the boys are doing well. We'll have to try and catch up soon. What a stellar year you've had with break through's coming in all forms. You're growing like a beanstalk in all good ways! I have a couple of favorites in you're top 10 list but every time I try to decided I go back and forth and can't. You make it hard ;)


  7. Oh Whitley, I'm so far behind in my blog reading. I'm so glad you posted these because they are just stunning. I totally agree with your top 10. What a fabulous stylish year you have had. Cheers to 2013!

    xo Jenny


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