Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Style

Shirt: c/o La Senorita JolieJeans: Chip & Pepper California. Boots: Corral. Sunglasses: RayBan. Rings: Melinda Maria, Tiffany. Bracelets: Jook and Nona, thanks to Chelsea Charles, Blydesign. Earrings: thanks to JoJo Loves You.

Could there be a greater fashion delimna than what to wear to a Super Bowl party?  Of course there could, but any occasion to get in the spirit and make some silly fun, you know, is a fashion opportunity waiting to be had by me!  A pair of well fit jeans, your favorite boots, and an oversized comfortable shirt is all you need to cheer on your favorite team.  And this year, if you're not sure who you're routing for, you can always create your own Super Bowl pool and bet on what type of hat Bruno Mars will be wearing.  A special thanks to Coach Kenny for helping keep me in proper (I hope!) form.

Whatever you're watching the big game tonight, be safe and have fun!

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