Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stylin' Sunday - Spring is in the Air at J. Crew

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!  
Just another calm and relaxing Sunday morning here at the Hamlin Household.  
Oh, my life with boys!!  I'm not totally outnumbered with sweet Macy girl.

Anywho, it has been a very busy weekend!
Lots of activities, appointments, hosting duties, housekeeping and more. I am too pooped to pop.
I even managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Coral over on East Blvd. for a little style session 
with our very own Queen City Stylist, Franklin Headen, on his birthday of all days!  
Happy Birthday, Frank!!

Stay tuned to this week's Fashion Friday.
You are going to love the adorable, fashion forward ensembles from Coral that Frank styled for me.  
I wonder who he expects to be looking lovely for tonight's Oscars?

For last week's Fashion Friday, I shared with you delicious cool hues of the rainbow 
from the consistently magnificent J. Crew...

Click on the images below to shop the look, and hurry while the gettin's good!  

If you get one shoe for summer, this needs to be the one.  Hues of nude and tan go with everything in your wardrobe, and because this one is a wedge, they make your gorgeous gams look even longer than they already are.  The shoe is well made and comfortable.  This is the shoe!

One last thing... I am learning how to code!  You may or may not know that most wonderful man in the world is my little computer genius.  For the last few weeks, he has so kindly lent his skills and talents to me for assistance in sharing with you all the fabulous fashions you see here on Stylin' Sunday.  
I've been watching, listening, practicing, trying SO hard to learn it, so I can do it myself.  
Well, I am very proud to share that today I posted all the above images myself in HTML.  I coded!
I'm not sure if this is even proper terminology to explain my mean new computer skilz to you, but HOLLA!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and enjoy the Oscars!

For the love of Easy Like Sunday Mornin' livin', in great style, of course... xo Whitley


  1. Coded? Wow, I think a tutorial is in order! But, even more importantly, love the Fanfare jacket ensemble!

    1. Well... I ain't an expert yet, but baby steps!! Yes... the jacket is awesome, and totally looks like YOU! I believe it is on sale now for $99!

  2. Girl, you're killing me with all this J.Crew love! I'm already obsessed as it is, but after seeing your outfit, I had to go back for more. Got the tan necklace you have on here, and am planning on pairing it with the new Maritime dress. Do you have the bubble necklace they carry? That's another great one, too. It goes with everything in my wardrobe!

  3. Nothin' but love for the ole Crew! I do not have that necklace... I would take ANY and ALL of their jewels right now!! Thanks for the shout out!


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