Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rethread Your Threads

Need an excuse to clean out your closet?  Tired of your significant other's enormous t-shirt collection? Donate your old t-shirts for a great cause!  the Queen City Style and Simplicity have teamed up to collect 300 T-Shirts by March 1st to donate to Rethreaded, an organization which provides a paid four-month holistic training program that includes sewing art and life skills for women who are coming out of lives of sex trade and human trafficking in our country.  The products, made out of old t-shirts are funky, cool, and, of course, totally unique!  Check them out here, and if you are interested in donating your old t-shirts, please email me at to arrange for drop off or pick up.  I know much of the country is getting snow.  We are experiencing a true Winter Wonderland here in the Carolinas!

 Thank you so much!  Whitley

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  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for supporting this initiative! I will definitely bring you a few t-shirts the next time that I see you.


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